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The Amicus Committee gives the Association a voice in important cases pending before the Federal Circuit and the Supreme Court. Each year, the Amicus Committee considers numerous requests that the Association participates in cases at all phases of the appellate process, which present issues in multiple areas of the Federal Circuit’s jurisdiction. The Committee assesses these requests, and recommends to the Board whether and how to become involved. If the Board approves a recommendation for participation, the Committee oversees and assists in preparing amicus briefs for filing.

Members and officers of the Association who serve in the public sector do not participate in the Association’s consideration of whether to file amicus briefs, the preparation of amicus briefs, or the final review and authorization of Association briefs. This is such an important matter to the Association that its standard amicus brief practice includes language to the following effect: Association members who are government employees played no role in deciding whether to file this brief or in developing the content of this brief.

Amicus Committee Procedures

Amicus Committee Processes

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Committee Chairs

Morgan Chu

Frank A. Angileri

Committee Vice-Chairs

Thomas G. Hungar

Matthias A. Kamber


Committee Board Liaisons

Meredith (Mimi) Addy

Joseph M. Reisman

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