Global Fellows: Leadership Training | Munich, Germany

March 7 - 10, 2017
Location - TBA
Munich, Bayern

About the Program

The Federal Circuit Bar Association, with support from the German Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property, is pleased to continue its Global Fellows Series. An extraordinary success, this new series promotes a higher level of international IP practice among the next generation of leaders in the global legal community. The intent of the Global Fellows Series is to bring together a small group of future leaders in the global legal community for an intensive learning program taught by leading judges and practitioners from both countries. In an interactive small-group learning environment, these emerging leaders will together focus on both policy issues and practical lessons on the operation of the patent systems in Europe and the US, enhancing their ability to provide effective legal service to clients. The Global Fellows also develop professional relationships crossing international boundaries and legal cultures that we hope will endure throughout their legal careers.

The Fellows will convene for two sessions, tentatively scheduled for first in Washington, DC, from October 4-7, 2016, and then in Munich from March 7-10, 2017.


The session in Munich is planned to comprise the following:

  • Meet with senior German in-house counsel at company premises
  • Meet with members of the Customs Central Office for IP Matters
  • Visit Bavarian Government Building and meet with member
  • Meet with a member of the European Commission to discuss the new European Patent System
  • Observe oral argument in an appeal at the European Patent Office and meet with at least one EPO judge
  • Observe a patent infringement hearing at the Regional Court Munich and meet with at least one Judge from that court


The number of available spaces is limited to 26 with balanced participation from major jurisdictions across the globe. The March 2017 session registration is closed.  If you or your organization has an interest in participating in the Fall 2017 / Spring 2018 session, or wish to obtain more information on the Global Fellows Series, please contact Mr. James Brookshire, Executive Director, FCBA,

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the subject matter of the program?

The program focuses on patent law and policy.


Are all those who apply selected?

No. The Global Fellows organizing committee reviews all applications with the goal of building a group of highly competent attorneys who have different perspectives and are interested in engaging in collegial but spirited discussions. If a person is not selected this year, that does not mean the person would not be selected next year.

What is the cost?

The fee for the program will be $2750 US. This single fee covers both sessions but is payable in two installments, half no later than 30 days before the beginning of the October 2016 session and the balance no later than 30 days before the March 2017 session.

Who will be on the faculty?

The faculty will be made up of present and former judges and patent office personnel, as well as preeminent IP practitioners.


What is included in the price?

The price includes registration for all eight days of meetings, including course materials and mid-day conference meals. Participants are responsible for lodging expenses and food. Convenient hotel recommendations will be provided. Travel to or from Washington, DC and Munich is not included.

What is the language of the program?

All proceedings will be conducted in English. Simultaneous English translations will be provided during EPO and Munich court proceedings.


How does one become a Fellow?

An application should be completed and submitted to the FCBA before August 29, 2016. The application form is included with this package of materials. Alternatively, copies of the application form can be obtained from Mr. James Brookshire, Executive Director, FCBA, Upon acceptance of the application a deposit of $1000 will be due.

Is there any preparation required in advance of the sessions?

A little. A package of background material will be provided before each session so that the Fellows have the appropriate context to understand the CAFC and EPO arguments they will observe. Participants will be expected to be familiar with these course materials.


Who should participate as a Global Fellow?

The program is intended for intellectual property lawyers, including patent attorneys, who have been in practice for 8-15 years, who expect to have a strong international focus in their practice in years to come, and who have achieved recognition within their own organizations as potential future leaders.

Do participants have to attend both sessions?

Yes. Fellows are expected to attend all four days of both sessions in order to get maximum benefit from the program.


Is the program only for lawyers and patent attorneys in private practice?

No. The Global Fellows Series reflects the diversity of the legal profession and thus attorneys and patent attorneys in private practice, corporate legal departments, or other forms of employment are equally welcome. Please note however that the program is primarily aimed at full-time patent practitioners.

What organizations are involved?

The program has been created with voluntary assistance from the law firms DLA Piper LLP; Noerr LLP; Bird & Bird LLP; Boehmert & Boehmert; Keker & Van Nest; Dennemeyer & Associates; Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP; and corporate stakeholder leadership from Apple and Qualcomm.

How many Global Fellows will there be?

One of the fundamental aspects of the program is to limit the number of participants both in order to maximize the quality of instruction and to foster connections that will last for many years. With this in mind, participation will be limited to a maximum of 26 Fellows.

What is FCBA?

The FCBA is an organization of attorneys who practice before the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. That court has the responsibility, among others, of creating a national body of jurisprudence in the United States in intellectual property law. The FCBA pursues a national and international dialogue to improve and facilitate the administration of justice and to advance professional excellence in matters related to the Circuit’s jurisdiction.


“The program gave the participants a thorough understanding of the ways in which German patent law and patent litigation practice differs from US law and practice and an explanation of the efforts underway to use certain aspects of each to form a model for global patent rules and procedures.”

“Great insights obtained into the prosecution and litigation of patents in Europe, particularly Germany. Plus great friendships and contacts made and reinforced.”

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