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Application Submission

To apply for pro bono assistance, please copy the questions below into an email with your responses to each and send to

Personal information

First Name:
Middle Initial:
Last Name:
Street Address1:
Street Address2:
Postal Code:
Email Address:
Daytime Phone Number:


Veteran Status:
Are you a U.S. citizen or legal U.S. resident?
What countries are you a citizen of if not just the U.S.?
What country are you living in?
What languages do you speak fluently?
What is your annual household income?
(please use numbers, periods, and commas only)
How many people are in your household?

Invention information

Do you have now, or have had, the assistance of counsel with respect to a patent application?
Have you disclosed or published the invention?
Have you assigned your rights in your invention to anyone or any company?
Are there any timelines associated with any office actions to be aware of?
Are there any timelines associated with any office actions to be aware of?
How many patent applications have you filed?
Do you currently have a provisional or non-provisional application filed with the USPTO?
If yes, and the application has been published what is the application number?
If no, have you completed the pro bono training program on the USPTO pro bono page and received a certificate of completion?
Have you completed a prior art search?
If no, do you plan to do a prior art search?
Write a brief abstract of your invention telling us what it is about without including trade secrets and how you think it will help people.
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