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Global Series sessions, part of an on-going dialogue, address topics of global significance at a senior level of discussion. Working closely with government representatives, adjudicators, corporate leaders, litigation leaders, academics, and others in the global community, the Series responds, in real time, to emerging challenges. The on-going Series includes participants from Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, the Republic of Korea, the United States, the People’s Republic of China, Canada, Brazil, and other countries.

The Global Series has begun its planning for 2020. Two components are envisioned. The first session to be held on April 29 in Washington DC at the Army Navy Club, will explore the key global challenges being presented to the world’s innovation, IP and trade systems. The second and expanded two-day session is sited in Tokyo, Japan at The New Otani Hotel on October 30-31. With the insights from the first session, the October component will engage the challenges in more detail responding to rapidly emerging national and international focal points in these sectors.

Detailed information on the April DC Session is now available here.

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2017 Global Series - London
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2016 Global Series - Paris

Global Series 2020 Sponsorship Information

• Year-round involvement with other Global Series sponsors in planning and in nominating topics and participants
• Year-round recognition in Global Series materials, including the FCBA website and Newsletters
• 18 seats to be used between the October Tokyo Session and the April Washington, DC Session
• 18 seats at the special guest Friends of the Series dinners and receptions at the two Session venues
• Small group gatherings
• Participation in Global Series webcasts
• On-site sponsor signage
• 8 new annual FCBA Memberships

Expressions of sponsorship interest in Global Series 2020 are requested to be sent to either Jeremy Atkinson,, or Roseanna Quinlan,

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