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Global Series 2017 - Special Session - London

Today, fundamental challenges are confronting commerce, trade, and intellectual property. Precisely because of those rapidly emerging challenges, Global Series 2017 Europe hosts a special session on September 25 and 26, 2017, in London.

The Global Series pursues the interests of the justice system as they relate to international trade, intellectual property, innovation, and the betterment of societies. The Series 2017 Special Session is an outreach of Global Series partners, EPLAW, and the Federal Circuit Bar Association.

To engage serious dialogue, join corporate policy and legal leaders, government representatives in trade and intellectual property, trade and patent adjudicators, patent office leaders, and others. Participants include judges of the Federal Circuit, the United States District Courts, other courts, the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the Intellectual Property High Court of Japan, The Presiding Judge of the German Federal Court of Justice, and others. Judges from the Republic of Korea, the Peoples Republic of China, and Europe are also invited.

The Global Series - In General

Global Series sessions, part of an on-going dialogue, address topics of global significance at a senior level of discussion. Working closely with government representatives, adjudicators, corporate leaders, litigation leaders, academics, and others in the global community, the Series responds, in real time, to emerging challenges. The on-going Series includes participants from the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, the Republic of Korea, the United States, the People’s Republic of China, Canada, Brazil, and other countries.

Although global systems share many common challenges, 2017 trade and intellectual property communities sit astride extraordinary global policy developments. Among these are trade and trade agreements and their legislative implications. Moreover, in the Unified Patent Court (UPC) the Provisional Application Phase may arrive in May, 2017. The UPC itself may become operational in late 2017 and the opt-out phase may begin in September, 2017.

In the midst of these ripening challenges, the 2017 Special Session will weigh: corporate perspectives on innovation, quality, and enforceability; on trade, barriers, economics, and intellectual property; trade agreements; and commercial predictability. The Special Session builds upon the accomplishments of Global Series Europe (Paris), October, 2016, addressing challenges in intellectual porperty adjudication (the global judges' views); adjudicatory change; patent litigation challenges in various countries; patenting strategies; licensing considerations (including antitrust, standards essential patents, and international exhaustion(; and, the globally most challenging issues (e.g., injunctions, damages).

In the Series, interests addressed in each session are informed by participants in the on-going dialogue and in the session venues. Global Series leadership coordinates that process.

For pricing purposes, please provide an expression of interest of an organization’s funding commitment. For further information, please contact Jeremy Atkinson,
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